how it was cut

‘The Cutted Series’ – the name for this series of paintings – refers to the initial spark from which it evolved. Here’s a lil’ backstory..


When cutting something out of white and black paper, I noticed that the residue of those papers lay on the floor in such a harmonious composition that I decided to staple them. I liked the fact that it was given, and I just had to take note.

Then, I made it a fun game to intuitively cut colored paper and create original compositions. One evening, while sick and healing, I felt particularly inspired. I cut away, and all these beautiful compositions formed in front of me. Then, I carefully glued the clippings in the way I liked them best. I put them away for some time and forgot I had made them.

While we were test shooting for our first feature film, we quickly noticed that the set needed abstract art. The figurative art on set was too distracting. But on set, we needed vibrancy, something to set the tone.

Walker discussed turning the  sketches I made into paintings. Likewise, he devised the idea of giving each shape a specific structure or finish. Together, all shapes, each with their own structure, create harmony. He experimented with this technique in his own paintings. 

In this way, a painting collaboration began. In our upcoming feature film, all 23 works will co-star. I’m curious about how the next series will turn out.


Check our website for updates about our upcoming short feature, ‘G.I.A.’ 🎬

U can find the entire series online in our s̲h̲o̲p.•